Moniq Esti Gouws

Moniq Esti Gouws

I have found my niche in absurdism and dark comedy on stage, but I am also branching out to musicals, including composition, poetry and prose, especially short stories. Strong characters and complex relationships form the basis of my stories and focused themes branch from these relationships to become the topics discussed in my art. My writing, creative and academic, often has a focus on gender performativity and twisted power relations and how these binaries or lack thereof affect our relationships. My academic research at Stellenbosch University also focuses on gender and a linguistic female gaze, informing my creative writing once more.

My plays that have been staged include:

Die fix at Suidoosterfees 2023

Die industrie at Première Teaterfees 2023

Double Strike at Première Teaterfees 2022

Die fix at Teksmark 2022

Roof of Stars at US Palesa Festival 2022

The Comedy of Errors at US Toneelfees 2021

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