About the Foundation

The Foundation was founded to further the legacy of Gert Johannes Gerwel, a holistic individual who distinguished himself as educator, liberator, patron of the arts, business leader and family man. The values of this son of the Cape, who demanded the highest levels of dedication and honest engagement both from himself and others, are to be promoted through the workings of the Foundation.

The ideal of an open, non-racial society, based on the democratic values espoused in the South African Constitution (RSA, 1996), informs the vision of the founder of the Foundation, Mrs. Phoebe Gerwel, in championing the memory and ideals of her late husband. It is for this reason that the social transformation of our society is to be assisted through public benefit activities that seek to promote human development in, but not limited to, the spheres of arts and culture, education and sporting pursuits that represent some of the myriad passions of the late Jakes Gerwel.

The eradication of poverty, in its multidimensional character, is also an aim towards which the Foundation is dedicated to contribute, be it in the form of financial assistance, or the facilitation of programmes which could alleviate the plight of the less fortunate and under- resourced in our society.

Essentially, the Foundation aims to contribute towards the creation of a free and fair society in which all its members are active and engaged participants working together towards the shared ideal of the equality of all humankind, irrespective of creed, class or ethnicity. Jakes Gerwel stood for equal rights and justice for all, and firmly believed that a greater, more inclusive society can be created. It is this ideal that provides the overarching motivation behind the establishment of the Jakes Gerwel Foundation.