Hero worship leads to a revision of our history

By Hein Gerwel. One of the most iconic images in the popular imagination of the broad ‘left’ must be that of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara emblazoned on t-shirts and posters; fiercely commercialised and ‘mainstreamed’. The late Fidel Castro asked for this to not be the destiny of his image. My father […]

Jong Sterre to Somerset East for text development

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation whose aim it is to help develop especially young talent is offering, for the first time, a mentorship programme for upcoming playwrights. This project is in collaboration with the Suidoosterfees as an extension of the festival’s existing Jong Sterre project. While the Suidoosterfees presents an annual […]

KLOP! by Suidoosterfees: “Wie is ons en maak dit saak?”

Die Klop!-span (kykNET & Kie-kanaal 145) het ’n draai by die Suidoosterfees kom maak om een van die Jakes Gerwel-gesprekke op te neem, “Wie is ons en maak dit saak?” Wilhelm Verwoerd, politieke filosoof, en Haji Mohamed Dawjee, skrywer van Sorry, not sorry, was die gaste van Heindrich Wyngaard. Kyk na die uittreksel.

Jong Sterre project offers an exceptional opportunity to young playwrights

Nurturing and promoting young talent are key concerns of both the Jakes Gerwel Foundation and the Suidoosterfees. These two organisations are thus partnering this year in order to give young upcoming playwrights the chance to perfect written plays under mentorship by taking part in the festival’s existing Jong Sterre project. […]