Dumisani Hlatswayo

Dumisani Hlatswayo

Introducing the one and only Dumisani Hlatswayo, a creative maverick, and a writer. Brace yourselves, folks, because his journey as a writer started way back when Hlatswayo was a wee lad of 14. Can you imagine? While most teenagers were busy playing video games or getting tangled up in their school dramas, our man Dumisani was devouring books faster than a hungry lion at a braai. Especially those isiZulu novels by Nyembezi, Msimanga, you know!

After being captivated by the short stories of literary legends like Nakanjani Sibiya and DBZ Ntuli, Hlatswayo couldn’t resist the itch to give it a go himself. He penned countless short stories, some of which ended up serving a rather unconventional purpose: toilet paper or fuel for village bonfires. Ouch, talk about fiery critique. Fortunately, amidst the flames and flushes, one of Dumisani’s short stories called “Isibhobo” (which means “pain”) caught the attention of the publishing gods. In 2008, it found its way into the world through Maskew Miller Longman. Doors were opening, pages were turning, and the journey was just beginning.

Fast forward to 2011, and Hlatswayo’s dramatic prowess took the spotlight. His masterpiece “Ngixolele Mngani” snagged the first runner-up spot in a prestigious Maskew Miller Longman drama competition. But wait, there’s more! In 2014, Dumisani’s novel manuscript titled “Ithuba Lesibili” made it to the shortlist for the renowned Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature. The literary universe was starting to realise that this guy had a whole lot of talent brewing within.

And then, in 2016, the airwaves of UKhozi FM came alive with Dumisani’s radio drama titled Singcwaba Nini? Millions of eager ears tuned in, hanging onto his every word. Talk about making waves, or should we say “airwaves”. But that’s not all, my friends. Hlatswayo’s pen didn’t stop there. His novel Imibala Yothando(“The Colours of Love”) became a reality, gracing the shelves of bookstores and capturing the hearts of readers everywhere.

But Dumisani Hlatswayo is not just a master of fiction. He’s also a copywriter extraordinaire, leaving his mark on brands from the US, UK, and Australia. Talk about a wordsmith with a global reach. And right here in South Africa, he’s writing for publications like Transform SA magazine, The Olifants News, and even editing Rise N Shine magazine under the Papasha Media umbrella. So, if you’re itching for a dose of creativity and literary brilliance, be sure to connect with Dumisani on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dumisani-hlatswayo-9631b9100 and give him a shoutout on Twitter @dshlatshwayo.

Contact Dumisani

Email: dumisani.hlatswayo@gmail.com
Phone: 072 789 8314
Portfolio: https://dumisanihlatswayo.contently.com/