Jakes Gerwel – Celebrating an icon’s legacy

“A gust of wind threatened to lift a larger than life image of the late Professor Jakes Gerwel and President Nelson Mandela from the balcony it was attached to. A heroic man in a black hat eventually managed to secure the ties and the image of the icons, once again, towered clearly above those who had gathered to celebrate the life of Professor Gerwel in Greatmore Street, Woodstock on Saturday.”

“The aforementioned hero was none other than the photographer of the image, Rashid Lombard. Some of his other photographs of the former UWC Rector and Vice-Chancellor were on display in a room a few metres away. Lombard was seen engaging with Jay Naidoo at the exhibition before the anti-apartheid activist took to the podium later in the evening. Naidoo’s topic? The Ethics of Privilege – How do we live ethically?”

Author: Nashira Davids

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