Reginald Julius Hufkie

Reginald Hufkie

Reginald Julius Hufkie, also known as Reggie Peace, was born into an artistic family. Unfortunately, most of his family’s artistic talents were never introduced to the world because their focus was survival. Growing up in the underprivileged community of Schauderville in Port Elizabeth left most of his family, and himself, traumatised and boxed in. Instead of opening his wings and flying in the direction of his artistic talents like his brothers did, Reggie was introduced to running at the age of 7. Verbal, emotional and (at times) physical abuse was normal for the youngster. Although his father was a gifted singer and guitar player, he was caught up in the traps of alcohol and drug abuse most of his life. The same can be said about his mother. While his siblings were busy B Boy dancing, Peace found solace in running. He found a home in the running community of the city, but things at home worsened as the years passed. Extreme poverty, neglect andstress ruled his young life; no wonder he always strived for a better life. Unfortunately, his parents passed away when he was only 12 (mother) and 13 (father) years old due to sicknesses related to poverty and their habits.

In 2005, aged 13, he landed in a children’s home. His life started taking a turn for the positive from here on, although it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. He started writing music and journaling when he was 14, usually locking himself in his room to escape the hard reality of life in the children’s home. It was at his newschool, DF Malherbe High School, where he was introduced to race walking, the sport in which he would become a national championship medalist. Throughout his schooling career he was a busy body, investing all his time and energy in race walking, singing, rapping, writing and performing. He finished school a betterman, but his broken past never left him.

When he had to leave the children’s home aged 19 he was unsure of what to do next. Luckily for him he got an athletics scholarship to attend the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in 2012, but instead of thriving on the road or track, he started investing much more time in his music, acting and writing career. By the time he finished his Transportation Management diploma at UJ he was part of many of the university’s theatre productions. He was also part of a choir called Gospel Goes Beyond, and the hip-hop duo Peacemaker. Before he graduated in 2015 he also made cameo appearances on national television as an actor.

Talent ETC Artist Management recognised his talent while at university, giving him the opportunity of a lifetime to sign with them. Since leaving university Reginald has featured in many films and TV shows while at the same time pursuing his music, writing and speaking career. You might have seen him on Generations: The Legacy, Huis Lelieveld, Desert Rose, Swartwater, 7de Laan, Poena, the award-winning film Cowboy Dan and, more recently, his first film as a writer/actor, Vlamme. In 2021 he also released his first album called Nuwe Lewe. New Life.

After all, that is what Reginald has been striving for. A new, better life.