Mentorship for young songwriters: the participants for 2021

Frazer Barry

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation offers a mentorship programme for songwriters and singers who create original hit songs in Afrikaans, English, or isiXhosa. In this project we are specifically looking for young artists who can benefit from the experience and guidance of a mentor to develop popular new lyrics or songs. After the project, the participants will perform at the Suidoosterfees in Cape Town. Frazer Barry of Tribal Echo is the mentor.

We are proud to announce the participants for 2021:

Bryson Appels

Bryson Appels a.k.a 5 Star (Die Ster) was born in Alabama, Klerksdorp. His music, known to many as “from the streets for the streets”, was influenced by artists like P.O.C., Brasse Vannie Kaap, Isaac Mutant and Hemelbesem. With his vibrant, triumphant sounds he surely is a hot act to follow. He has shared stages with Hemelbesem, Yoma, Early B, Ixa, Die Hooflig, Oxijin and others. Currently, he represents his home town with the label “Straatkat Media”, boasting more than 80 000 YouTube-views. His music videos have aired on kykNET and Onse TV.


Duwayne Lombard

Duwayne Lombard hails from the Koo Valley near Montagu. Hy is a teacher at GB Batt Primary School in Ceres, excelling in various competitions and campaigning for the promotion of the rieldans. His song, “Ons werk en speel”, performed by Pieter van der Westhuizen, was chosen as best riel song at the ATKV Rieldans Competition in 2019.

Jemaine Julies

Jemaine Julies was born in Worcester and now lives in Stanford. For him music is synonymous with love, and he is infatuated with Afrikaans R&B. Jemaine spends most of his days on creating music and writing authentic South African lyrics in the language of his heart. Some of his songs were aired on community radio stations.

Monique Basson

Monique grew up in the Swartland. Music proved to be an obsession right from the start. Her grandfather made music every day of his life, feeding her passion since she was a toddler. She received music training for 14 years and obtained a BA degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from Stellenbosch University. Monique dreams of changing people’s lives through music and theatre.

Mpumelelo Kamkam

Mpumelelo, better known as Mr. Bluuz, grew up in Bathurst in the Eastern Cape. In primary school he came up with the idea to start a school choir – naturally becoming the lead singer himself. Mpumelelo dropped out of school in grade 10 and works on a farm in the Prince Albert district. He believes that music is the most powerful tool to change the world.

Waldon Paul Ewerts

Waldon, from Prince Albert in the Little Karoo, is a songwriter and producer. Hy plays the guitar and ukulele. Music stole his heart at a very young age and he wrote his first rap lyric in grade 8. Waldon regularly performs at functions and he loves the amazing journey music has introduced to his life.