Yuwinn Kraukamp

Yuwinn Kraukamp


As both a naturally gifted and academically trained writer, I possess a multidimensional skillset and a passion for crafting captivating content that resonates with various audiences. My skillset is a unique fusion of exceptional creativity and linguistic acuity, provided by my education in literature and language studies. My writing capabilities have been practiced, refined, proven and published across several mediums, diverse genres, and multiple languages.

My immense passion for storytelling and imaginative exploration allow me to write compelling narratives that bring my ideas to life on the page, by creating new worlds, new religions, epidemics and political dimensions. My writing employs a creative intelligence that allows me to build immersive and emotive plotlines, to develop rich and multi-layered characters, vivid settings, and evocative imagery that transport my readers to those captivating worlds that I craft.

I am a bilingual writer. The benefit of being raised and educated in two languages is that I am a proficient English and Afrikaans writer. Both my English and Afrikaans works have been bought and published in both fiction and non-fiction mediums. Therefore, my skillset is applicable to both literary markets of both languages. Additionally, my multilingualism makes translation duties between the two languages very effective.

One of my greatest strengths lies in my ability to adapt my writing style to various genres, emotive tones, and target audiences. I’ve been an essayist writing about the diplomatic pioneers of the African renaissance, a tutor editing assignments on economic science, and a journalist interviewing mourning parents about their deceased children. I’ve written environmentally educative radio dramas, enthralling short stories for magazines, human interest articles for newspapers, engaging advertisements, thought-provoking essays, and entertaining screenplays. All of the abovementioned projects come with completely different writing formats and requirements that differ from one another.

So my skillset possesses the definite flexibility to transition between different writing formats.

My work has experienced some success across several writing mediums, from magazines to anthologies to online content. My humble list of accomplishments includes winning a national radio drama contest in 2022, hosted by the Department of Education. This contest required me to write an educative drama specifically for primary school children. Through this, I have demonstrated that my evident adaptability allows me to tailor my writing skillset to specific mediums and specific audiences (whether it be children or adults, or readers seeking comedy or horror).

Over years of deepening and perfecting my craft, I have acquired the skill to tap into various “creative voices”, meaning the ability to write from different creative approaches and different races, genders, genres, settings, political backgrounds, etc. My tried and tested versatility ensures that I can successfully work on a wide range of writing projects, because I have the ability to switch between different writing modes and methods –between the formal tones of a newspaper article, or the informal tones of character dialogue – in order to meet the unique requirements, formats or themes of each project I work on.

Doing deep and meticulous research on the subjects that I write about is an obligatory element of my writing that I constantly practice, especially when I make journalistic contributions for newspapers. This ensures that every piece I compose is well-informed and factual. The priority I place on doing detailed research and fact-checking enables me to produce high-quality content that is accurate and reliable, but also insightful to readers. My research usually allows me to consider and explore different perspectives, which gives me new viewpoints to write about, which ultimately enriches my writing.

My education in linguistics has given me a strong command of language, its various nuances, as well as an arsenal of writing techniques. I majored in English and Language and Communications Studies, and that academic knowledge coupled with a lifetime of reading and learning my craft, has endowed me with a deep understanding of the power of words.

With my vast vocabulary and a keen insight of syntax, I can effectively use various literary techniques and devices within my writing. This versatility and mastery over my languages makes my writing compelling and impactful, because I know how to shock my readers. How to subvert their expectations. How to use and rework well-chosen words to convey emotions. To produce imageries and evoke sensations. Additionally, I am well-versed in grammar rules, punctuation, and my time in varsity as a part-time tutor reinforced my critiquing ability to edit and refine my own work, and the work of others.

My writing skillset has collaborative strengths, because I constantly work and collaborate with editors, clients, publishers and other writers in a deadline-oriented environment. The majority of my work is written according to various themes, requirements and dates given to me by those I collaborate with, meaning that I constantly adhere to diverse topics and timelines to ensure that my work is delivered punctually, and that it meets the specific requirements of each project.

Each time I get published, I go through a collaborative process with the publisher or company representative, where we communicate and polish my work. This process of receptive feedback is done to not only create a better end-product, but also to foster a productive and professional relationship with that client or company. My experiences within writing communities and an interactive fellowship has taught me that constructive criticism is a vital part of improving and expanding my writing skillset, and useful feedback like that only comes from participating in a supportive and collaborative environment.


  • Crime fiction, including mystery, suspense and detective noir subgenres
  • Dark comedy and romantic comedy
  • Speculative fiction, including urban fantasy and climate-change science fiction (cli-fi)
  • Horror and thriller, including political thriller
  • Journalistic works, including opinion pieces and human-interest stories.

Working experience and publications:

Publication: LitNet
Position: Interview regarding my published story
Date published: 27 June 2023

Publication: The Southern Post newspaper
Position: Freelance journalist, Youth Day article
Date published: 16 June 2023

Publication: Die Burger & Netwerk24
Position: Freelance journalist, article writer
Date published: 9 May 2023

Publication: Karavan Press’ national anthology
Position: Paid short story writer
Date published: 10 May 2023

Publication: Paulet House Stories
Position: Published writer
Date published: May 2023

Publication: The Southern Post newspaper
Position: Published writer
Date published: 7 April 2023

Publication: Toyin Falola & Lunaris writing organisation
Position: Inclusion in top 25 African writers
Time period: March 2023

Publication: The Southern Post newspaper
Position: Featured in an exclusive interview
Date published: March 2023

Publication: Huisgenoot
Position: Published short story writer
Date published: 16 February 2023

Publication: Die Burger & Netwerk24
Position: Article writer, freelance journalist
Date published: 4 February 2023

Company: Cape Agulhas Municipality
Position: Art designer & painter
Time period: December 2022

Publication: Heritage Travel magazine
Position: Published writer
Date published: November 2022

Publication: LitNet
Position: Featured in exclusive article (about making the shortlist for an intercontinental contest)
Date published: 10 October 2022

Organisation: Jakes Gerwel Foundation & Huisgenoot
Position: Participant in Writing Fellowship
Time period: October 2022

Publication: Huisgenoot
Position: Featured in magazine article
Date published: 15 September 2022

Publication: Die Son
Position: Featured in newspaper article
Date published: 2 September 2022

Organisation: Future of Feminism Award writing contest (USA)
Position: Honourable mention
Date published: May 2022

Organisation: Education Department & Toyota Woordfees
Position: Winner of educative writing contest
Time period: January 2022

Company: University of the Western Cape
Position: Writing-360 assistant and intern, as well as part-time English tutor
Time period: Feb 2017 – Nov 2018