Application: Longhope TV Writing

    • Full names and surname
    • ID number
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Email address
    • Good photo
    • Short author bio

    • Motivation letter
    • A pitch for an original concept for a television series consisting of the following:

    ◦ A log line (35 to 45 words)
    ◦ A summary of the concept (300 words)
    ◦ A PDF of approximately 10 A4 pages with the first act of a pilot episode in the accepted TV text format

    • Open to emerging writers only*
    • Application deadline: 30 August 2024
    • Announcement of successful candidates: 30 September 2024
    • Residency (candidates must confirm availability for the set dates when applying): 4 to 17 November 2024

    * We define an emerging writer as someone of any age who is still in the early stages of their writing career in a specific genre, and who has not had the necessary support or exposure to receive major recognition for their work in this genre.

    An established writer is someone who has published two or more works with major publishers; has received recognition for their work or is widely known within their genre; and/or earns a portion of their income from writing in that genre.

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