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Young playwrights are encouraged to create

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation and the Suidoosterfees would like to support and encourage young playwrights to be creative in our current uncertain times. Therefore, young playwrights are being offered an exceptional chance to polish and perfect their plays under professional and intensive mentorship. As we are dedicated to developing and […]

Writers residency for Afrikaans writers

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation and PEN Afrikaans are proud to announce the successful applicants for the writers residency that these two organisations are offering again this year. The writers’ residency is offered to writers bringing new stories to the Afrikaans literary scene and who are opening up, through their writing, […]

Mentorship for young lyricists and songwriters

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation and the Suidoosterfees are offering this year, for the first time, a mentorship programme for both upcoming lyricists and songwriters who create original works in Afrikaans, English or isiXhosa. This programme is an extension of the existing Suidoosterfees Talent Search that aims to find new, raw […]

Jakes Gerwel commemorative celebration 2019

Through the annual commemorative celebration our foundation wants to pay tribute to the rich heritage of Prof. Jakes Gerwel by encouraging free speech, reflection and appreciation of the arts. In 2019 the Commemorative Celebration coincides with the Opening of our Writers House, Paulet House, in Somerset East. On the programme […]

“The poor will always be with us …”

By Heinrich Gerwel (drawing on earlier work by GJ and HJ Gerwel, 2009) The University of Pretoria’s Future Africa campus this week, 14-18 October 2019, hosted its inaugural Programme for the Study of Culture and Social Transformation (CAST) under the leadership of Prof Siona O’Connel so as to draw together […]

Luister na die Jong Sterre tydens die skrywersverblyf

Keanen Engel, Herschelle Benjamin, Du Toit Albertze, Tasneem Daniels en Kanya Viljoen is die eerste groep opkomende dramaturge wat in Paulet Huis in die Oos-Kaap gaan skryf het aan hulle tekste, onder leiding van Amy Jephta. Hierdie projek word aangebied met die ondersteuning van NATi en die Suidoosterfees. Luister na […]

Jong Sterre-projek: Rafiek Mammon aangewys as mentor

Rafiek Mammon is onlangs aangewys as die mentor wat die Suidoosterfees/NATi Jong Sterre, met die ondersteuning van die Jakes Gerwel Stigting. Ons het ’n paar vrae aan hom gestel oor hierdie projek. Wat maak jou opgewonde oor die projek? Enigiemand wat in die kunste werk moet eintlik opgewonde wees. Punt. […]

Flemish authors come to write in South Africa

The Jakes Gerwel Foundation welcomes, for the first time, authors hailing from outside South Africa’s borders at Paulet House in Somerset East. These award-winning international authors, Miriam van Hee and Rachida Lamrabet, will share the house with two South Africans, the upcoming author Chase Rhys and the playwright and language […]

Hero worship leads to a revision of our history

By Hein Gerwel. One of the most iconic images in the popular imagination of the broad ‘left’ must be that of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara emblazoned on t-shirts and posters; fiercely commercialised and ‘mainstreamed’. The late Fidel Castro asked for this to not be the destiny of his image. My father […]